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I love information so there's a lot here.  There is a catalogue of pots, more than I can hold in my store!  You can look at them as if you were in a library or museum, and inquire to me about them if you like. 

There are images and information on urns of many types, and I'll talk with you about urns via zoom if you have an important decision to make and need some guidance or have questions.

Often I'll have class offerings listed or described here.  And since I love learning, and teaching there is information about my favorite experiential, atmospheric firing processes.

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Welcome from wherever you are!

work and self are  in process: 

en train de: 

Above:       Work in the freshly formed state, not yet fired, nor glazed, still wet, plastic and malleable.

Below:  "Cracks are where the light gets in".
Tray,  30"long  x 10" wide with crackle patterns and "ash type" glaze that webs and streaks, plus an example of Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery"), gold leaf applied to celebrate a repaired crack!