cups / drinking vessels

You can choose many of these pieces to buy and check out in the store. Just specify the piece type and number, then add it in a note at the check out. For example: 12 oz. single #122 , orange flash, green to red interior $45.

soda fired porcelain juice cups.

small, 3", $24. medium, 5", $26. large, 6", $28

turquoise, amber, green and midnight blue interiors.

soda fired juice cups, 2.5" to 5" tall, and one vase 8".

Below: Soda fired porcelain cups, one finger handle, color texture weight balance come together here.

I regularly make 3 sizes,.. approximate: large, 16 ounce, medium, 12 ounces, and small, 8 to 10 ounces.

16 oz cups below

These three 16 ounce cups now sold, I do but do have a few in stock. A regular production item, with each being somewhat unique and individual.

16 ounce cup, Large #164

side view, #164

Four 16 oz cups, #168

opal flash, #169, sold

turquoise interior, #170

16 oz cup, #171, sold

16 oz, larger handle, #172, sold

$50, sold

Steins from wood and soda kilns. Rugged.

Soda fired Stein #131, sold

#131, 4" tall, 3.5" wide


#131, holds 20 ounces. sold



I'm happy to make cups to order on commission: let me know what you want, I'll take a deposit, and put it into the production schedule. With the atmospheric firing process where pieces are marked and colored by the flames and fire, no two will be exactly alike, but I can repeat sizes, clay types, glaze colors, and flashing spectrum... ( which is the outside color range ), thus dialing in to a certain degree.

Hit the button below: (in the footer - Email me ). Shoot me an email and tell me what cups you want, juice cups, coffee mugs,.. I'll let you know what I have on-hand, or how long it will take to get something made and fired I'll help you get what you need.

Thanks, Chris

cups conve.mp4

A short video from a fall 2020 outdoor open studio that was held at my home.

Pictured in this video and below is young artist and potter Dwayne Sackey.

Dwayne has worked with me since fall of 2019, and together in 2021, we were one of five teams to be awarded a Studio Potter "Grant for Apprenticeship" .

Chris Baskin + Dwayne Nii-Teiko Sackey: below left 2020, below right 2022.