cups / drinking vessels

soda fired porcelain juice cups.

turquoise, amber, green and midnight blue interiors.

soda fired juice cups, 2.5" to 5" tall, and one vase 8".

general pricing: small, 3.5", $26. medium, 5", $28. large, 6", $30

Below: Soda fired porcelain cups, one finger handle, color texture weight balance come together here.

I regularly make 3 sizes,.. approximate: large, 16 ounce, medium, 12 ounces, and small, 8 to 10 ounces.

You can specify size if you want to order, prices are generally $45-48. Porcelain is ideal for a cup because of its very low absorption rate, its strength and durability and the brilliance of glaze colors as they combine in the fire.

16 oz cups below

three 16 ounce cups each being somewhat unique and individual.

16 ounce cup

side view

Four 16 oz cups

opal flash

turquoise interior

16 oz cup is two measuring cups worth!

16 oz, larger handle, #172, sold

$50, sold

Steins from wood and soda kilns. Rugged.

Soda fired Stein #131, sold

#131, 4" tall, 3.5" wide


#131, holds 20 ounces. sold



I'm happy to make cups to order on commission: let me know what you want, I'll take a deposit, and put it into the production schedule. With the atmospheric firing process where pieces are marked and colored by the flames and fire, no two will be exactly alike, but I can repeat sizes, clay types, glaze colors, and flashing spectrum... ( which is the outside color range ), thus dialing in to a certain degree.