I specialize in making urns to help people honor the memory of loved ones in physical and spiritual ways.

Three keepsake urns, for small portions of ashes.

small( $125), med( $150 large ($200). One small and two medium urns pictured here above.

soda fired porcelain, marble like, stoney.

Keepsake urn:


6" x 3" $125

find the size that fits your needs

KEEPSAKE URNS: small to tiny containers for just a few ashes

TOUCHSTONE URNS: larger containers to hold a complete cremains

click here for a more complete size chart.

crypt form


30 cubic inch volume, 5" tall


Touchstone urn

diameter, bamboo secures lid.

50 cubic inch 7" tall, 6" diameter



wood fired, anagama kiln

reduction cooled urn

dark clay with iridescent surface

Touchstone Urn

Egyptian reed boat carrying medieval crypt form 14" x 18" soda fired stoneware $650

"Embrace your grief, for there you soul will grow" Carl Jung