pitchers / vases

wood fired pitcher natural ash glaze


wood fired pitcher, porcelain. white grey gold to orange hues with grey cast halo on handle area

pitcher medium, $160

wood fire pitcher, grey gold green flashing, carbon trapping and floating crystals

porcelain 12" sold

above and below, reduction cooled high iron clay, oxidation fired porcelain clay. small pitchers , 8-9" tall. $120 each.

Both are Sold

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Small pitcher, $120

soda fired stoneware

8" tall

Small pitcher, $120

anagama fired, reduction cooled stoneware

8" tall

Small pitcher # 354, $120

soda fired stoneware SOLD

8" tall Sold

Small pitcher

# 355 SOLD

soda fired stoneware

7" tall


Small Pitcher, SOLD # 356, $120

SOLD, Pots in action, tulips

medium pitcher # 360, $160

anagama kiln, reduction cooled

stoneware, 10"

medium pitcher # 363, $160

reduction cooled stoneware, East Creek, Anagama

Medium Pitcher, #364, $160

Reduction cooled stoneware

Medium Pitcher # 365, $160

dark stoneware

soda fired

10" tall

Large pitcher 15", SOLD $210

SOLD, soda fired dark stoneware

Large Pitcher # 392, $210

anagama fired

15" tall

Large and medium pitchers , 15" and 13"

anagama fired, reduction cooled.

I chose my college in part because of the pitchers I saw there in the ceramics lab. This is an archetypal form people from all over the planet have made. It's a form that holds up to the travails of the wood firing process, is complimented by the accentuation and revelation of the form by the marking flame patterns.

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#316, stoneware, natural ash glaze, pebbly, deep orange peel surface with iron colored variations

#317, different blended porcelain clays give this faceted surface added color striations

#318, facets all differently glazed over the 7 day firing, this from the FuuKooGama kiln. pools of glaze collected at foot

#319, tiered vase with small opening and reddish hue.

above wood fired vases, 8" to 12" tall, $150.00

Below: small vases, 4- 7" tall, $75.00

wood fired porcelain vase

small vase #301, 6" tall, $75

wood fired porcelain vase

small vase #302 , 6" tall, sold

soda fired porcelain small vase, #303


ladder pattern, 8" tall SOLD