tea, tea wares, tea bowls

#7503, $45

tea bowls, unomis, drinking vessels;

these objects celebrate the act of drinking, the phenomenon of geology, and the wonder of the hand.

#7600, sold

#7601, $65

#7501, $40, store

#7501, $45

Tea bowl 4" x 4" sold

porcelain, sand, carbon trapped greys, iron spots, erosion at lip, green pooled glaze at foot

reduction cooled porcelain

side 2, anagama kiln

Tea bowl #7602, $65

anagama, side a

Tea bowl, side b #7504, $45

reduction cooled porcelain, anagama kiln.

tea bowl #7505, $45

carbon trapped gives grey color

stamped pattern under natural ash glaze, matt cooling crystals

Tea bowl #7603, $65

reduction cooled, black teabowl, anagama,

#7604, $65

reduction cooled tea bowl

#7605, $65

wabi sabi

reduction cooled unomi

#7606, $45

wood fired porcelain teapot, 3 cups

celadon glazed porcelain teapot

4 cups

dome lid tea pot, wood fired porcelain

8" tall, 4 cup teapot with metal basket for loose leaf tea option