plates and platters

tiger eye amber

13" stoneware, soda

square the circle

13" stoneware, soda

ladder pattern

13" stoneware, soda

4 windows

13" stoneware, soda

Many of these patterns are somewhat repeatable, color varies and each piece is somewhat unique because of the soda firing process. I make place settings, dinnerware sets and commissions, and regularly make series of plates. There are categories of sizes, 10" lunch plates, $75. Dinner plates that are 11" are $104, 12 to !3" plates/ platters are normally $130. You can specify size, and if you want holes in the foot ring for hanging on a nail or hook on the wall. All are oven and dishwasher safe.

A set or series of plates usually takes two to five months to go from start to finish , depending on numerous variables.

enneagram # 5

11.5" stoneware $120

stamped plate

10" diameter. stoneware, $75

enneagram, 5 to 8

13" stoneware $1230


split lip platter, 16.5" soda fired stoneware. $225

#7 eye

Sold 16.5" soda fired platter, stoneware. $225

soda fired plate 12"

sold $120

soda fired plate 13"


soda fired plate 12"


soda fired plate 12"

soda fired plate 12"

soda fired plate 12"

12" diameter soda fired plate

12" diameter soda fired plate

12 and 1/4" diameter soda fired plate

back side, soda glazed toothy stoneware

corresponding undersides to 3 above plates

backside, balanced "irregularity", strong, gritty stoneware clay, colored by the fire.

heavy soda glaze in this one

wood soda kiln firing

plate 11.5" diameter

soda fired plate, 12"

12" soda fired plate

Set of 6, ten inch diameter plates,

soda fired stoneware. $300. (email to buy )

set of 6, soda fired plates, ten inch diameter.

10" diameter ladder pattern plate.

#6301, $75

10" diameter plate, #6303, $75

10" diameter plate, #6303, $75

10" diameter plate, #6304, $75

sold, 10" diameter plate, #6305, $75

A series of ten and one half inch diameter,... dinner plates, lighter and smaller, $100 each.