Touchstone Urns: mid size

I design handcrafted urns to honor memory of passed loved ones

These medium sized urns range from thirty to one hundred cubic inches and correspond generally to 30 to 100 pounds before cremation. They hold a range of about a pint to just over a half gallon.

soda fired touchstone urn

5" tall, 5" wide 30 cubic inch TS-30 #301 $350

Soda Fired Crypt, 30 cubic inch TS -30 #303, $350

Anagama fired, 30 cubic inch TS-30 #302


TS - 30, ... Thirty cubic inch urns hold about 2 cups volume.

anagama fired porcelain pagoda, natural ash glaze, colored by fire.

50 cubic inch TS-50 #502 $400

anagama fired porcelain

natural ash glaze.

50 cubic inch TS-50 #503 $400

soda fired touchstone urn

7' tall, 7" width 50 cubic inch TS-50 #501 $400

anagama fired stoneware, reduction cool process

50 cubic inch TS-50 #504 $400

top view

anagama fired stoneware

reduction cool process

50 cubic inch TS-50 #505 $400

frontal view, white feldspar bits in the black clay

bottom view

anagama fired rugged stoneware

natural flame flashing, shell impressions.

50 cubic inch TS-50 #506 $400

one side

anagama fired

natural ash glaze

50 cubic inch TS-50 #506 $400

another side

TS - 50, ... Fifty cubic inch urns hold about 3 cups volume.

wood fired black touchstone urn

shimmery iridescent surface with natural ash glaze, to be secured with cord or cable.

TS-75, #7502 $500

faceted wood fired pagoda urn with steel cable

TS-75 , #7503 $500.

Three views of this seventy-five cubic inch urn. Anagama fired porcelain dome lidded urn. Silica sand adds visual and physical texture to the rich natural ash glaze with flame flashing and a few iron spots lend dark punctuation.

TS-75 , #7504 $500.


TS - 75, ... seventy-five cubic inch urns hold about 5 cups volume.