CB Urns for Ashes

Touchstone urns: large capacity urns

Touchstone Large Capacity Urns hold one hundred to two hundred and fifty cubic inches in volume. That's almost three quarts for a 150 cubic inch urn to a gallon and a half in volume for 250 cubic inches.

Bold Mizusashi form. Stoneware clay colored by flame and natural yellow gold wood fired ash glaze on the top plane. One hundred cubic inch capacity. $600.

TS-100, #100-2 $600

Faceted porcelain urn. Rich soda fired surface includes light blue orange peel soda glaze, and multiple small decorative fractures. Bamboo lifter on lid with contrasting black metal rod arc to secure lid.

KS - 100 - #1003, $600.

Wood fired dark stoneware urn with impressed wave pattern and red cord. KS - 100 - 1004, $600.

Tiered pagoda urn. Anagama fired porcelain with textured and flame flashed surface.

One hundred fifty cubic inch capacity. KS - 150 - 1501. $750.

Faceted porcelain urn with pink to green colored wood ash glaze and characteristic "webbing and streaking". Additional orange peel surface texture from a second soda firing. KS - 150 - 1502. $750. Sold

Rugged faceted stoneware form with yellow gold to black soda fired surface. Black bamboo secures lid. One hundred fifty cubic inch capacity.

KS - 150 - 1503. $750.

Soda fired faceted urn with black tie cord.

Porcelain clay with chunky feldspar chips, orange flashing slip and rich surface texture.

KS - 150 - 1504. $750.

Third of series of wide free organic facets. Dark Stoneware clay with heavily pitted soda glazed surface. Rich red to green iron bearing colors and bamboo to secure lid.

KS - 150 - 1504. $750.

Pair of large dome lid urns.

15" tall, 12" diameter, 200 cubic inch capacity, Anagama fired stoneware.

$1800 for pair. sold.

Round anagama fired urn with small lid,

natural golden ash glaze with titanium crystals

250 Cubic Inch capacity.

KS - 250 - 1503. $1050.

Large Dome Lid urn. anagama fired reduction cooled

250 cubic inch largest capacity, $1100.00

fresh water jar, "mizusashi" form . 200 cubic inch urn, wood soda fired, porcelain.


Reduction cooled, black clay. 200 cubic " dome lid urn.