CB Urns for Ashes

Touchstone urns: large capacity urns

soda fired touchstone urn

5" tall, 5" wide 30 cubic inch TS-30#301 $350

soda fired touchstone urn

7' tall, 7" width 50 cubic inch TS-50 #501 $NFS

touchstone urn, faceted mizusahi form.

anagama fired stoneware with feldspar bits. bold faceted jar with naturally deposited golden matte ash glaze on top and erosion taking place on edges.

TS-75, #7501 $450

wood fired black touchstone urn

shimmery iridescent surface with natural ash glaze, to be secured with cord or cable.

TS-75, #7502 $450

faceted wood fired pagoda urn with steel cable

TS-75 , #7503 $450