jars / containers

Happiness Jars

4" tall, porcelain lidded jar with pulled lifter. sold

Author Liz Gilbert describes adding a slip of paper with a note naming the thing she's most grateful for each day to her happiness jar.

Wendell Berry asks " What are People For?"

I wonder often, "What are Pots for?"

Yes they serve utility and function, such as making a pickle, or holding a drink, but so much more as well.

wood fired porcelain storage jar, toasty warm orange with natural brown ash glaze on shoulders. $150

6 inches tall, with lid 9.5 inches tall, 8 inches wide

"petite pickler"

8" tall, 5.5" diameter

soda fired porcelain jar with water sealed lid

Stacking spice and herb jars.

soda fired stoneware.

gold one is 8.5" tall. $110.

red one is sold.