Clouds Pattern

16" diameter soda fired stoneware

large patterned soda fired stoneware bowl, decorative and functional.

11" diameter soda fired serving bowl

medium patterned soda

14" soda fired stoneware serving bowl.

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These glazed and patterned soda fired stoneware serving bowls ( above), are rugged and beautiful, colorful and strong. You can bake in them, for instance a really lovely curried coconut chicken! We make salads in them with fresh produce from the garden and send them to the fridge if we don't eat it all. My favorite is hot buttered popcorn for a long zoom with my family, or a movie! They also function as wall pieces. I love that the bowl in the metropolitan museum in New York, that kept me awake at night, and taught me about a different time and a different culture, may have been used for a banquet or a wedding feast!

general pricing for these bowls is: small patterned serving bowls 8-10" - $140. med 12-14" -$250, lg 16-18" - $385.

"Quiet Mind"

17" soda fired stoneware serving bowl, 2017.

"Cosmos Six"

17" soda fired stoneware bowl, 2017

patterned serving bowl, sold. 10.5"

Oak Leaf pattern

serving bowl, sold. 10.5"

Ladder Pattern

15" Ladder Pattern bowl,

15 + 3/4" Oak Leaf soda fired bowl

Oak Leaf serving bowl,

17 + 1/4" diameter, 7" tall

This one available in the store!

Detail: cream colored center with wad marks and crackle pattern

21" Ladder Pattern Bowl, soda fired

detail of brilliant orange center with crackle pattern

approximately 6" x 4" faceted and vigorously cut feet


weighted porcelain bowl, faceted with hidden foot

tiny bowls, two to four inches, $30