Soda Firing

Loading juice cups into the soda kiln

tight stack between the bag walls and fire boxes.

kiln arch, fired pieces, cones to gauge heat.

Soda firing is a process that enables me to interact with the clay at high temperatures by sending sodium vapor through the kiln to connect with and color the clays, slips and glazes. The kiln and fire can be manipulated to affect color and surface. I love to experiment and discover new things, and there is almost always something surprising, when unloading the kiln. Characteristics of soda glaze are flashes of color and spots or sections of varied surface, orange peel in texture, variegated in a natural and organic manner. One quality of sodium in glazes is the production of bright colors

Ladder Pattern

soda fired stoneware bowl, 14"

Four Directions / AQUAL Map

Soda Fired Platter, 22"

Oak Leaf Pattern

soda fired stoneware bowl, 14"