Wood firing ceramics is a contemporary practice with long antecedents. It's a practice I have hungrily engaged for 30 years. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, I am more than ever compelled to work with this process to express myself, create art, and make useful and beautiful objects for service in the world.

Wood firing is a we process. There are many a unique ingredient to all of these wood fired pieces and one is the collective energy harnessed to accomplish this particular goal by a large number of participants.

Natural clay and earth colors and textures are brought out and accentuated, while ash becomes glaze. Everything has an effect, from the wood to the weather, the different types and colors of clays to the geometry of stacking the kiln. Natural geological processes occur.

water jar / Mizusashi, 8"

faceted stoneware, bamboo lifter

storage jar, 10"

Idaho porcelain

oat jar, 15"

stoneware , reduction cooled

lidded container, porcelain, 8"

Faceted Jar, Porcelain

Porcelain Vase, 10"

Porcelain Dome Lid Jar, 12"


interior of the unfired kiln

KAZU placing shelves


the romance of wood firing is deep. here are some pics. hopes for a good firing build with much planning and preparation.