scooped serving tray.

three points, cream with dark blue runs


above: 30" x 9.5" tray, stoneware. $250. sold

right: scooped tray with green dots

31"x 10", $295

above: soda fired stoneware 30" nfs

wood fired carved serving tray

22" x 8", $350

pots in action!

It's so satisfying for me to engage my whole physicality in making these trays. I have been awed by the real and rawness of the historic bread baking bowls I have encountered from time to time,.... of scooped out and sometimes cracked and aged wood. Those hand carved bread bowls, along with natural stone pools that collect water inspire these forms.

These heavy pieces of clay are first wedged and then centered on the potters wheel. Next they are carefully yet forcefully stretched out over a form, and sometimes left as thick as two and half to three inches. Now I have "a child to birth and to nurture" through its gestation of carving, flipping, scooping, footing, and drying.

They seem to defy gravity in some ways, as clay can, and they have interesting aspects from wherever you look at them or handle them. Because of the large surface area to compose I love to get them into atmospheric kilns. They have also given me space and a type of physical geography to orchestrate large glaze interactions in an electric kiln.

Most of all I love them covered with a harvest of apples, or beets, or fresh baked bread.

I have serving trays from small to large, and $100 to $400 on a regular basis,

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