size chart for urns

The following categories break down by size the interior holding space in these urns.

Keepsake urns:  

small, 10 cubic inches, about a half of a cup. 

medium 15 cubic inches, about a cup. 

large 20 cubic inches, about a cup and a half.

Keepsake urns are for a small portion of ashes.  

Perfect for sharing with special people, family members and friends, 

and/or for keeping a small portion after burying, or spreading the majority elsewhere.

Keepsake urn small 

2" tall, 3" diameter

about 1/2 cup volume inside

keepsake urn 


4.5" tall, 4.5" diameter

about 1.5 cup capacity

keepsake urn medium

4" tall, 3.5" diameter

holds about a cup in volume

Touchstone urns:

Substantial pieces with larger holding capacity. They can be kept in a home, buried in an above or underground crypt,or placed in a mausoleum or columbarium niche.

These are designed to hold all or a major portion of cremains.  I break them down further into 

Medium Touchstone urns: 35 to 100 cubic inches 

a bout 2 cups to a little more than half a gallon of volume  and 

35 cubic inches  2 cups +/-

50 cubic inches about 3 cups

75 cubic inches about a quart 

100 cubic inches 7cups, not quite half gallon in volume. 

Large Touchstone urns: 150-250 cubic inches

just over half a gallon to up to 2 gallons in volume.

From 30 cubic inches through 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and 250+ cubic inch capacities.

The cubic inches correspond to approximate size in pounds.  For example, remains of a 30 lb animal

would be approximately 30 cubic inches. A 75 pound dog would have approximately 75 cubic inches of cremains and a being of 150 pounds would leave about 150 cubic inches of space on cremains.

Touchstone urn


150 cubic inches

12" height, 7.5 inches diameter

anagama fired porcelain

Touchstone Urn: 

 cubic inches.

Mizusashi form 

"fresh water jar" 

in Japanese tea ceremony.

75 cubic inch

5" tall, 6.5" diameter

anagama fired stoneware

Touchstone urn

Dome lid 

250 cubic inches

14.5 "height, 10" diameter

anagama fired stoneware

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